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Simple WYSIWYG (HTML / Text) Editor to compose mails

Simple HTML Text editor helps you create professional emails with ease. Intuitive Menu in the Editor can make a designer out of everyone!

The Editor also allows you to upload images directly on our server. The images automatically get embedded into your mailer.

In-built throttle control to manage gap between mails
Throttle Controlled

Automated throttle control saves you time and effort since the service engine decides when and how to send the mails once campaign is started.

The service runs as hosted application, so all you have to do is to
      Create   ->   Start   ->   Forget!!

Arrange mails in groups to sort recipients intuitively
Sort subscribers into groups

Arrange mail addresses into custom defined groups so that you can send targetted mail campaigns.

Groups can be modified at any point of time and even mails can be added while a campaign is running.

Send mail to multiple mail groups simultaneously
Send mail to multiple groups

You can send a campaign to more than one group simultaneously. This feature along with the group bifurcation gives you total control and flexibility to manage your subscribers.

All groups show subscribed, un-subscribed as well as bounced email addresses.

Detailed reports include date of mail recieved
Detailed reports

Reports are meant to help you understand who has read your mail at what time.

Reports provide details like date and time of mail sent, as well as date and time of mail read. You also get a list of email addresses who have not read the campaign mail.

Bounced mails automatically get removed from Mail group
Automatic removal of bounced mails

When you send a mail to an email address and it doesn't exist, or is inaccessible, it is automatically tagged as a bounced mail in your group list.

Further campaigns skip this email address. You can now reset it as active or delete it.

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By automating the mail sending process, you not only save manpower, you also save monitoring costs. provides detailed reports of mails sent as well as mails recieved.

This helps you plan your next campaign and also helps you followup with those who opened your mail!