Mailer For Business, Professional eMail Campaign Management
What is provides Professional eMail Campaign Management solutions to companies all over the world. In simple terms, is a throttle controlled mailing list manager.

The idea is to simplify tedious process of mass communication like :
  • promotion of your service or product,
  • anouncements or latest happenings at your organisation,
  • updates for internal employees
What are the benefits? is useful for any communication which needs to be done at a vast scale and is time bound. With this solution, you can:
  • simplify your mass communication needs
  • track reports of mails recieved
  • create and store multiple campaigns
  • group recipients into manageable categories
How do I use it?
You just need to register and start using!
It is designed to make the mail campaign process as simple as sending a regular mail.

I need help to use it!
For detailed help, view this online demo.
If you are still facing difficulty, give us a call or send us a mail!

How much does it cost?
You don't have to pay for registration or for software. You only pay for using it!
For pricing details, check out available packages!

Who made it? is a hosted solution provided by Giga Soft Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Where are we located?
Giga Soft Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Regd. Office: 3514, Pyarelal Road,
Bank Street, Karol Bagh
New Delhi, Delhi, India - 110005
Phone:+91-11-47471500 (Multiple Lines)
Visit us at:

By automating the mail sending process, you not only save manpower, you also save monitoring costs. provides detailed reports of mails sent as well as mails recieved.

This helps you plan your next campaign and also helps you followup with those who opened your mail!