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  • Software as a Service (SAAS), no installation required

    • MFB runs on world class cloud infrastructure in international data centers
  • Simple WYSIWYG (HTML / Text) Editor to compose mails

    • Simple HTML Text editor helps you create professional emails with ease. Intuitive Menu in the Editor can make a designer out of everyone!
  • In-built throttle control to manage gap between mails

    • Automated throttle control saves you time and effort since the service engine decides when and how to send the mails once campaign is started.
  • Arrange mails in groups to sort recipients intuitively

      Arrange mail addresses into custom defined groups so that you can send targetted mail campaigns.
  • Automatic Filter to remove bounced emails

    • When you send a mail to an email address and it doesn't exist, or is inaccessible, it is automatically tagged as a bounced mail in your group list.
  • Send mail to multiple mail groups simultaneously

    • You can send a campaign to more than one group simultaneously. This feature along with the group bifurcation gives you total control and flexibility to manage your subscribers.
  • Detailed reports include date of mail received

    • Reports are meant to help you understand who has read your mail at what time.
  • Multiple Verified Sender allowed

    • Send mails from different sender ids based on campaign and target demographics.